Choosing a wedding cake

So your getting married? This means decisions need to be made, lots of decisions!

When it comes to the cake you may have clear ideas, you also may not!

Start by thinking about what kind of wedding you are having, is it a formal affair in a grand stately home, where a beautiful towering tiered cake would look great, centre stage at your wedding breakfast. Or will it be relax shindig in a barn where a ‘Naked’ cake adored with freshly cut spring flowers or pretty cupcakes would capture the feeling of your day best.

Numbers of guests can have a barring on the kind of cake you choose. For example for a small cosy gathering in a chic city hotel may only require a elegant one or two tiered cake.

Inspiration for the actual look of the cake is where your cake designer comes in. Your colours and themes, your flowers or even you dress are good starting points. It can be worth collecting some ideas before your consultation, have a look through magazines and online, especially Pinterest, to gather a few ideas of the type designs you do and don’t like.

Remember to think about flavours, a mixture is possible in tiered cakes as well as cupcakes. Classics such as a Victoria sponge or chocolate are always popular and there’s always the traditional fruit cake, to save for the first anniversary or christening of the first child. More unusual flavours are worth considering, salted caramel or red velvet, for example are becoming more and more popular. Of course a┬ádessert table is a good way of offering your guests lots of choice.

And remember your cake can be served as dessert, which can help with your budget, or traditionally later in the evening (this can be useful for soaking up all that champagne you’ve drunk!) Either way make sure you plan with your venue when you would like the cake to be cut and served. And make sure your guests are aware it is being served, especially later in the evening when it can often end up in a corner of the room forgotten about. You’ve paid a lot for your cake make sure its eaten!

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