Displaying your wedding cake.

When it comes to styling your wedding venue, planning your centre pieces of beautiful floral arrangements is often the first thing you think of, but remember to take some time to think about your cake table too! It can often be seen throughout your whole wedding breakfast and into the evening. So think what about displaying your wedding cake.

What kind of table will the cake be on? there will often be a plain white cloth covering it? could you layer this will some beautiful lace or fabulous sequinned fabric? If there is stunning piece of furniture to use you many not want to cover it up.

In which case dressing your table with other objects can really bring it to life. Candles in beautiful votives and candle holders can be an elegant addition to the table as well as adding flowers that match in with your scheme. A way of doing this is by placing the brides and bridesmaids bouquet around the table.

What the cake actually sits on is another consideration. The cake of course could sit directly on the table however the addition of a cake stand can really add to the overall display. From a classic glass or metal stand to a rustic log for a naked cake. We once used a vintage suitcase, so let your imagination run wild!!

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